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No wastage, la calor sol on es necessita

We distribute and install·Fitters electric radiant panels Energo.

Energy is the ideal solution for environments with high heating and not eleveda / or large thermal dispersions .Gran energy savings , High yields , CO nul , the enormous benefits of technology in radiation .



2focosThe transmitter connects to glow SUNRAD all the advantages and benefits of radiant heating , the ability to install·located at high altitudes ( fins a 30 meters ! ) . Directly heats people and surfaces , offering a remarkable thermal comfort ; does not generate air masses moving traffic avoiding dust ; stratification removes hot air under the roof . SUNRAD issuers offer a service independent regulation based on the dispersion of the thermal environment , thus maintaining a comfortable temperature uniform and constant in time .



Panels radiant electric energy are ideal for high heat environments low average , whether civil or industrial . They are mainly used for heating premises which do not have gas network . These devices are also ideal for heating additional areas outside , terraces and terrace restaurants . Are small , facilíssims installation·allows , ensure exceptional thermal comfort and are approved against splashing water ( IP55 ) and for use in wet environments and outdoor .

PLAFORAD ceilings rPLAFORAD GKadiants are ideal for heating and cooling in many types of environments in accordance with the latest architectural standards and environmentally friendly . This ensures high efficiency and significant energy savings in heating and cooling , simple and elegant design also makes it a true design element . It is a product of technology and ecological : with running water can be combined with other environmentally friendly technologies , as solar panels and heat pumps , ensuring exceptional comfort typical of thermal radiation . Thanks to its advantages over air-conditioned ground climatizacòn , Thanks to its multiple applications , represents the evolution in air conditioning .